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Jan 16, 2024

The Joy of Champagne

Welcome to Just Champagne, your go-to destination for all things champagne. As a premier department store, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled selection of champagne, catering to enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. With a keen focus on providing detailed information, we are here to help you navigate the world of bubbly and find the perfect bottle for any occasion.

Unleashing the Variety

At Just Champagne, we understand that every champagne lover has unique preferences. That's why we have curated a vast assortment of champagnes from renowned producers across the globe. Whether you prefer the crispness of a Blanc de Blancs or the complexity of a vintage bottle, our collection has something to suit your taste buds.

Understanding the Ounces in a Bottle of Champagne

One of the fascinating aspects of champagne is the diverse range of bottle sizes available, each serving a different purpose. Let's delve into the various options:

Standard Bottle - 750ml (25.4 fl oz)

The most common size you'll come across in retail stores is the standard bottle, holding approximately 750ml or 25.4 fluid ounces. This bottle size ensures you have enough champagne to celebrate any occasion, whether it's a small gathering or a festive event.

Magnum - 1.5L (50.7 fl oz)

If you're looking to make a grand statement, a magnum is the way to go. It holds double the volume of a standard bottle, typically 1.5 liters or 50.7 fluid ounces. Magnums are often favored for celebratory occasions and can elevate the ambiance by adding a touch of grandeur.

Jeroboam - 3L (101.4 fl oz)

The Jeroboam, with its impressive size of 3 liters or 101.4 fluid ounces, is perfect for larger gatherings or those who have an insatiable thirst for the effervescent elixir. It adds an element of prestige and extravagance to any occasion, allowing everyone to indulge in a generous pour of quality champagne.

Methuselah - 6L (202.8 fl oz)

For truly extravagant celebrations, a Methuselah is the way to go. With a capacity of 6 liters or 202.8 fluid ounces, this oversized bottle is an attention-grabber. It makes a bold statement and serves a substantial number of guests while ensuring everyone receives a glass filled with the finest champagne.

Expert Recommendations

Our team of champagne aficionados is always at hand to assist you in making the perfect selection. Here are some of their favorite recommendations:

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label

As one of the most iconic champagnes, Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label delivers a delightful blend of elegance and finesse. With its well-balanced flavors and hints of brioche, it has become a symbol of celebration across the world.

Krug Grande Cuvée

Krug Grande Cuvée is a masterpiece crafted from a blend of more than 120 individual wines. Its rich and full-bodied character, along with its complex aromas, reflects the meticulous attention to detail put into crafting this prestigious champagne.

Dom Pérignon Vintage

No conversation about champagne is complete without mentioning Dom Pérignon. This renowned vintage champagne boasts exceptional quality and elegance, with each bottle truly capturing the essence of luxury and celebration.

Champagne Accessories and More

At Just Champagne, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your champagne needs. In addition to an extensive selection of champagne, we also offer a range of accessories such as champagne flutes, coolers, bottle stoppers, and more. With our collection of high-quality champagne-related products, you can elevate your champagne experience to new heights.


As you immerse yourself in the world of champagne, Just Champagne is here to elevate your journey. With our vast selection, detailed knowledge, and exceptional customer service, we aim to be your trusted partner in discovering the perfect bottle. From understanding the different sizes, like the number of ounces in a bottle of champagne, to exploring the wide range of flavors and styles, we invite you to embark on a refined and enchanting champagne experience with Just Champagne — the ultimate destination for all your champagne needs.

Remember, when seeking the finest champagnes and expert guidance, trust Just Champagne to deliver an experience like no other. Visit us at www.justchampagne.co.uk to explore our extraordinary collection and indulge in a world of refined luxury.